Group project themed around restrictions in relation the Apollonian Vs. Dionysian dichotomy. Printed at Linco for MCAD publication design class. Our group included: Noelle Bullion, Eric Gorvin, Meredith Oberg, Anton Pearson, Sara Zahedi and myself. Displayed here are my contributions to the project.

Tidal Magazine
Parsons Summer Programs
MCAD 2015-16 Viewbook
The New School Brand Material
Sonnenzimmer Catalog
The New School 2015 Commencement
Parsons Undergraduate Viewbook
Nylon Magazine
School Tour Postcard
2013 Spring Commencement
2012/13 Jerome Foundation Fellowships for Emerging Artists
Unhappy and Out of Reach
2015 Mailer
The Auction
Walker Membership Reminder
Anna Wolf Levis Promo
Ten words and one shot
Walker Art Center Mailer
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